Aug 012017

The second round of the 2017Stock Horse Challenge was contested on Sunday 23rd July at Gloucester showground.

Forty three horses are taking part in this years Challenge across the four divisions of Futurity ( horses under 5years of age) ;Rookie:Junior; and Juvenile riders.

Brittany Hetherington returned to the Futurity competition after missing round 1, and immediately made her prescence felt with the 3 year old black 1st cross mare Silverthorn Sapphire. Together they performed an outstanding Working Horse pattern to record the highest score of the day, and added a close 2nd in the two-handed cutting to take out the overall top place for Round 2.

Nick Horn, riding Rosebrook Oakley, topped the scoring in the two-handed cutting with a good 84point run , and a well executed dry work pattern saw Nick place 2nd overall for the Round.

Coming in just behind the top placegetters was Bulahdelah horseman Joe Burgess with his 2 horses TaraVale Hells Belle (3rd) and Malones Jack(4th).

In the Rookie Section of the Challenge April Langridge performed consistently to earn 163.5points with Kywong Wish and take out overall 1st place in Round 2 , closely followed by Katie Kelly and Lisa Hawkins tied on 160.5 points.

Emma Johnston rode Marshdale BMW to earn 165 points and a clear lead in the Juvenile Section ahead of Shaniaa Madden (Silverthorn Jubilee)on 159 points and Cameron Dunlop (Grandview Adina)155 points.

Nine riders lined up in the Junior Section with the competition hotly contested . TobyAllan-Ross finished in 1st place with 152.5 points , just ahead of Travis Sansom(151.5) and Chloe Guy (145).

The Challenge will be finalised on Sunday 6th August at Gloucester Showground with the running of the final 2 rounds of the event starting at 9am.Each round will comprise a “dry work”pattern and a cattle work section which is a modified campdrft course where the first 2 pegs are left out.

The Challenge winners will be decided on the highest cumulative score over the four (4) rounds of the Challenge . Most competitors are still in contention for the 2017 title and will be hoping to post good scores in the all important cattle work sections.

Futurity Section
1st Brittany Hetherington on Silverthorn Sapphire , 2nd Nick Horn riding Rosebrook Oakley, 3rd Joe Burgess riding TaraVale Hells Belle and 4th Joe Burgess on Malones Jack.

Rookie Winners April Langridge riding Kywong Wish =2/3 Katie Kelly and Lisa Hawkins.

Juvenile section won by Emma Johnston on Marshdale BMW,2nd  Shaniaa Madden Silverthorn Jubilee,3rd  Cameron Dunlop Grandview Adina 4th Jordyn Snape on Tara Vale Playdough

Junior Section 1st TobyAllan-Ross Kelton Farm Foxtrot, 2nd Travis Sansom on Reldas Indeed,3rd Chloe Guy Stockleys Dazzle, 4th Bianca Turner on Jackson River.

Photos Julie Wardell